Testimonials - Thomi Glover

"Thomi Glover has worked with the Triumph Team, a diverse group of managers and independent contractors, to develop a coaching culture for the organization. The coaching training sessions and tele-conferences have been effective in modeling, coaching and integrating our daily interactions. The result is enhanced leadership and team work and "one team" focused on achieving strategic organizational goals. As I continue to work with Thomi as a personal coach and mentor, the entire organization benefits. Thomi's practical business experience and depth of coaching knowledge brings focus to organizational vision and values with a direct tie to the bottom line, in a multi-stakeholder business. Triumph's competitive advantage stems from a trusting, collaborative culture within the organization and externally with our customers and communities. Personally, I have developed stronger coaching and leadership skills working with Thomi as my mentor and coach. Working with Thomi helps me retain my focus and our fulfilling results. If you want to develop better team work, communication and trust plus a high performance organization then working with Thomi will certainly generate positive results."

Kind regards,
Paul W. McWilliams

"Your presentation had an amazing impact on the participants. Many of them spoke of the 'values exercise and finding their purpose'. I can only imagine if you had had the whole day with the group what an impact you would have had as they would've been able to continue to drill down and truly find their passions.
Thank you.
TWO words - hardly reflects the VALUE and LEGACY you have had."

Best Regards,
Gail Stroud
Coordinator Leadership BC Ladysmith

"I am writing this recommendation/testimonial in respect to Thomi Glover and her ability as a stellar resource for anyone considering looking into Executive Coaching, and Leadership/mentoring specifically. Her skills in terms of providing insight to anyone engaged in the serious pursuit of effecting leadership change in an organization are in my view unequalled. It is not only the "insight" that she provides, but a practical and very relevant methodology in terms of understanding how to lead an organization. She is also able to show how to infuse direct report areas with the same motivation to create a culture that is catalytic to success. In the very busy world of executive management, I personally found that there really is time to engage in the realignment of thinking and "style". This "thinking" can also be administered and applied in an organization, regardless of size. I found the information provided by Thomi, coupled with her extremely confidential and sensitive approach to my organization to be outstanding. I would recommend MayneStay Consulting Group to any individual or corporation that is serious about looking into how to change the way they lead/coach/mentor. Thanks Thomi!"

S.W. (Bill) Sykes
ASP Initial Security
Regional Vice President
Western Canada

"Since beginning my coaching relationship with Thomi Glover (MayneStay Consulting Group Ltd.) in September 2005 I have achieved a number of successes. Thomi has worked with me by supporting me though feedback on a number of important issues ranging from staff performance and operational planning to time management and life balance. She has helped me identify my short and long-term objectives as a manager and has begun to support me in achieving those objectives by identifying and working with my management style. My experience with Thomi's bi-weekly coaching is that she has added horsepower to my output and with that I feel I move forward almost daily. With the results that I have created in the four months I have been working with Thomi I'm excited with the thought of what I will create with Thomi as part of my toolbox in the future."

Bruce Adkins
A/Area Chief Oceans, Habitat and Enhancement, South Coast
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Fisheries and Oceans Canada | 4166 Departure Bay Rd., Nanaimo, B.C., V9T 4B7
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